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近年人気の植物アガベの中でも別格扱いの人気種であるアガベ・チタノタ(agave titanota)アガベ特有の葉がロゼット状に広がる素晴らしい造形美に加え青銅色がかった肉厚の肌、迫力のある白い鋸歯、その先端には鋭く光る黒いツメ、強靭で威厳のある風貌が多くの植物マニアを虜にしています。






uwaru’s original short sleeve shirts that we made very carefully in Kyoto.
Enjoy one of a kind shirts with botanical prints.

about "chitanota"
Agave titanota is one of the most popular agave species in recent years, and it has a beautiful form with rosette-shaped leaves, thick, bronze-red skin, powerful white serrations, and black claws with a sharp point at the tip. The tough and majestic appearance of this plant has made it a favorite of many plant enthusiasts.
On the other hand, the general term for chintz, which was first produced in England, is "chintz. The word is said to have originated from the Hindi word "chito," meaning "colorful.
Chintz, which originated in India, enjoyed an unprecedented boom in Europe in the 17th century, when it was combined with the popularity of oriental taste at that time. The patterns have been passed on to unique designs that incorporate regional tastes, and are still popular even today.

"chintz," which originated in India on the Eurasian continent and became a huge boom involving Europe and the Far East, and "titanota," which originated in Mexico in the south of the North American continent, are two words that are large in scale both historically and continentally and are hybridized in the manner of "uwaru" to create chitanota (chintz). The name "chitanota" was created by hybridizing these two historically and continentally significant words.

Size:Lentgh / Width / Sleeve width
S: L 67cm / W 51cm / SW 21cm
M: L 70cm / W 51cm / SW 22cm
L: L71cm / W 58cm / SW 23cm

Reference: 5.7 feet is suitable for L size
Cotton 100%
Made in Kyoto

* Please note buttons might be used different ones from the images.
* Please allow for slight deviations due to the manual cutting process.
*The color and texture of the photos may differ slightly from the actual product due to the effects of your browser or display.

When the stock is running out, we make for you for 2 weeks from the date of order if the material is available, please ask us first by email on the contact page.

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